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Community Support for Public Safety

Frequently Asked Questions


The following Q & A is was prepared as of July 14, 2016.

 01  What is the TUCPF?

The Tualatin Community Police Foundation (TUCPF) is an Oregon nonprofit incorporated in April 2015.  The TUCPF invests private business and charitable funds to support and strengthen the relationship between the community and the Tualatin Police Department.   On July 22, 2015, we received a determination letter from the IRS stating we have qualified as a public charity and our donors may deduct their contributions.  All TUCPF donations qualify as tax deductible for charitable purposes. 


 02  What will be your first public event?

Our first public event was the 2015 Tualatin Crawfish Festival.  In May 2016, we held our first fundraiser, Breakfast with the Chief.  We are currently planning activities for the 2016 Tualatin Oktoberfest.  Watch this website and our Facebook page for more details.


 03  Where do you get your funding?

Funding comes from community enriching events (Breakfast with the Chief), event/community training sponsorships (such as G.R.E.A.T. events), and direct gifts.  TUCPF offers local businesses an opportunity to sponsor fundraising events or directly fund special community programs and/or police equipment needs.  Our 501(c)(3) designation IRS application has been made and is expected to be approved soon.


 04  What programs does the TUCPF support?

As part of our organizational process, we have met with Tualatin Police Department.  We discussed the numerous programs currently being funded by similar foundations throughout the United States.  From that list, we identified 14 programs we would like to initiate over the next 3 years.  Our list is updated every 6 months.


 05  Who serves on your Board of Directors?

Local business and community leaders serve as voting members of the TUCPF.  All are unpaid volunteers and contribute their experience to direct the foundation activities. The foundation has no employees.  Also serving on the Board as a non-voting member is Chief of Police Bill Steele.  Chief Steele advises board members on how they can assist his department.  

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